Our Services

We specialise in offering a range of cleaning service options. We are able to provide services to sites that require only one cleaner or other sites that may need 10, or even more, cleaners.

Office/Conference Rooms: Empty waste bins, removal of rubbish to disposal point. Dust all furniture and fittings: desks, computers, machinery and equipment, telephones, skirting, window sills, ledges, mirrors, lampshades, picture frames, fire extinguishers. Full Vacuum or spot vacuum. Damp wipe internal vision panels..

Toilets: Thoroughly clean WC pans, seats, mirrors, fittings, washbasins, descaling where

necessary. Replenish toilet paper, hand paper towel, liquid soap as and when required. Mop floors with antibacterial detergent, leaving area clean and hygienic.

Kitchen area: Load/unload dishwasher or wash by hand and put away cups/mugs and cutlery. Clean and sanitise worktops, wipe down any marks from the front of cabinets and appliances. Clean and sanitise sink. Refill kitchen paper towel dispenser if necessary, empty bin and sanitise. Clean microwave and clean up any spills in the fridge. Mop floor with antibacterial detergent.

Carpet cleaning: As and when requested by customer.

Window cleaning: As and when requested by customer.

Our Cleaners
We take care to ensure that we employ reliable and trustworthy staff. All our cleaners are carefully vetted by two references obtained before they are engaged. Where necessary their passport is checked with the relevant residency status. All cleaners are trained in every aspect of cleaning, including health & safety procedures and COSHH requirements. A Photo-ID is worn on site at all times. Mr Mop Office Cleaning is fully insured for accidental damage to your property.